ArgoCD Installatoin via Helm on EKS

Create a Namespace

kubectl create namespace argocd

Add ArgoCD Helm Repository

helm repo add argo

Update Helm Repositories

helm repo update

Install ArgoCD

helm install argocd argo/argo-cd -n argocd

This installs ArgoCD using the Helm chart from the argo repository into the argocd namespace.

Get ArgoCD Credentials

kubectl -n argocd get secret argocd-initial-admin-secret -o jsonpath="{.data.password}" | base64 -d

This command retrieves the initial admin password for ArgoCD. Save this password as you’ll need it to log in.

Access ArgoCD UI:

Run the following command to create a port-forward to the ArgoCD server

kubectl port-forward svc/argocd-server -n argocd 8080:443

Open your browser and go to


Log in with the username admin and the password obtained

This should install ArgoCD using Helm on your cluster. Adjust the commands based on your specific requirements and cluster configuration.

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